Canoe Race

October 2, 2007

$15 Dollar Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

January 26, 2007

Great video of a 4-star hotel in Bangkok, Thailand where rooms are about $15 USD per night. Complete with pool bar.

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Chinese Money

January 26, 2007

Money and China. Here is a collection of free videos explaining a few useful things about Chinese money; must see for anyone thinking about spending money while in China.

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24-Hour Canoe Race

January 26, 2007

Short video about the AUSABLE RIVER CANOE MARATHON,a non-stop 120-mile canoe race. The video offers great insight into the growing sport of marathon style canoe racing, by highlighting
the technique of some of the world’s best paddlers. It also helps explain why over fifty thousand
spectators follow this race every year.

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Hello world!

January 26, 2007

Welcome to RevGoo’s View.
This blog is a collection of links from my day to day web surfing.

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